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Technology Research and Innovation Centre

Sustainable keys for delighted life

Technology Research and Innovation Centre is established to be a premier organization and to provide appropriate sustainable solutions to root level topics in domestic, agricultural and energy sector. We are specifically interested to identify the need of the common man and place better calm solution for them to make their life delightful. Our focus is to offer easiness for small scale, startups and medium industries and to accelerate their day to day fundamental activities. We try to understand the problems in a comprehensive manner before offering reliable solutions to them. All our activities are related to new development. We continuously believe in the best and trying to move ahead with the same objectives. We are looking for clients and associates, who are interested in sustainable solutions in following domains,

  • Energy and materials
  • Agricultural technologies
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Product developments
  • Computational design and analysis, dedicated software development

We will be always happy to understand you in best manner and serve you with our best expert services.

Looking for Sustainable keys for delighted life ?

We Do

If you are looking for innovative and creative solution to your problem matching with domains of our expertise, please feel free to join us and hire our reliable, effective, impressive and comprehensive resources. Our all rounder team members and resources will happy to serve you. More specifically, we will like to serve small and medium scale industries at affordable cost.

Sustainable Development

  • Goals of Sustainable Developments
  • Sustainable Agricultural Research
  • Energy

  • Solar Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Computing Solutions

  • Computational Design and Analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Dedicated Software
  • Materials & Product Development

  • Composite Materials
  • Product Development
  • Live Activities

    Current Projects


    Sustainable Development

    Our every research is GREEN in order to meet the objective goals of sustainable development.

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    We majorly focus to convert and use solar energy for thermal applications includes cooking, drying, heating, etc.

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    Computing Solutions

    We provide computational solutions such as computational design and analysis, artificial intlligence and building dedicated softwares

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    Materials & Product Development

    Developing new composite materials for industrial applications and product developments.

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    Our Collaborators

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    Publication Services

    We publish International books focusing on sustainable developments, energy, materials science and engineering.

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