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Innovations on Disaster Risk Reduction
Innovations on Disaster Risk Reduction by Rajendra Ladkat

This book includes sixteen Innovations on Disaster Risk Reduction with their Comprehensive Techno-Economical Evaluations and the stories behind them. These innovations are outcomes of Rajendra Ladkat’s sincere and continuous struggle for finding solutions for the betterment of human beings. The new innovations mentioned in the book “Innovation on Disaster Risk Reduction’’, are developed and implemented effectively.  These new innovations are cost- effective, eco-friendly and beneficial for the society when applied in all disaster management phases. The innovative products and approaches considered to be extremely user friendly and have already contributed to reducing disaster risks. His innovations in diverse fields, from Sanjeevani Stretcher, Hanging Road Divider to Sanitation and Rain Water Harvesting are ideal. These solutions itself speak of  his inner desire to contribute to society's well being. In addition, in today's times we do talk and act a lot about making our actions more sustainable. The book also provides innovative solutions in this zone. This book is useful for various disaster management cells, NGOs, Government organizations and researchers in the field of sustainable development working at national and international level.

Published: 2023-03-11
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