Computational Design and Analysis


Our research team is proficient to provide design and computational analysis for various products covering our domain of expertise. We provide all solutions using open source software only.

Our Focus

We provide consultancy for,

  • Thermo-hydraulic design of components and systems
  • Computational fluid dynamics analysis
  • Calculation softwares for automation of the systems and reports
  • Solar water heating system design
  • Solar pump design and optimization
  • Wind Turbine CFD Analysis
  • Wind Turbine Placement using CFD
  • HVAC consulting for buildings and commercial establishments
  • Energy Auditing and Management
  • Performance evaluation and design of heat exchanger
  • Technical trainings and workshop of CFD

Artificial Intlligence


We are engaged in search activities to use Artificial Intelligence in various industrial sectors include energy, education, agriculture and sustainable development.

Dedicated Software


We are also engaged in the development of dedicated softwares for an individual task to reduce a lot of time and efforts demanded to get results.